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Most gesture drawings are sloppy, inaccurate, and for practice only. That's what they are meant to be. They are to help the artist "loosen up" and not obsess on details so much. When an artist obsesses on details, they don't always get the animated, fluid pose of the model. [Object-Lesson 1]

Notice that there are lines indicating the legs, arms and spine. These lines indicate the position of the limbs. And notice the scribbled "circles" for the hip area and chest area. This is to indicate the bulk of these areas. Also, there should be an indication of angle of the hips and shoulders.
[Object-Lesson 2 ]

One of the MOST common newbie mistakes is to make the head too big for the body. Especially common is to make the legs too short. This is unbelievably common. I remember my first life drawings—horrid, horrid, horrid!
[Object-Lesson 3 ]

You can also "make up" gesture poses, imagining poses and scribbling them in. Have fun, use cheap paper, and draw, draw, draw!
Use the gesture drawings to help train yourself to look for the essential fluid lines in the pose.
[Object-Lesson 4 ]

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